First Lab

What has happened since Monday?

Computer Graphics Lecture Teacher on Monday has not showed up. So the first lecture is still due. It will hopefully be tomorrow!

Big Data processing was quite interesting. It’ll be about parallel data processing and Hadoop (The big data file system ya’know). In the lab sessions we’ll write some “Map” and “Reduce” functions. I’ll bore you later with more details of that.

Tuesday I spent in bed to gain back to health. My throat pain turned out to be a cold. It’s a pain in the ass! Literally!!

Wednesday I met a friend who came over from Germany. After Trafalgar Square, lunch, Tower and London Bridge I gave up and went to bed again. Still not 100% recovered!

The lecture “Introduction To Computer Vision” was amazing. The lecturer keeps the lecture interactive and explains the content with plenty of examples. Keep it up!!!
He’s the first to hold his lab this week. Actually the lab will be now! He promised this lecture will be challenging in the first 1.5 months however also very rewarding towards the end (because of seeing results of a self developed computer vision application)

My student 18+ oyster card application, the one for cheap public transport in London, has been accepted by the university. However I had to click another picture to get my application processed. Prior picture was not approved. The card should be there by end of next week!

My fridge and study table aren’t here yet and the bathroom still waits for refurbishment. Give it another week or two!

Stay tuned!!

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