Good Night!

The lab-session in “Introduction in Computer Vision” was actually very cool. The task was to write an application in MatLab that creates an empty images and inserts my name in capitals and font-size 72 in that image. Furthermore the image should be rotated and horizantally skewed. MatLab provides functions for that which make the task quite simple. However we are supposed to implement those functions on our own. In good old student style I was happily hitting the keyboard without brainstorming before.
In one hand it was quite good because I was trying a lot of functionality of MatLab on the other hand I could have got to the solution quicker over thinking what will really be required and what not.
Conclusion: Working with matrices in MatLab needs a little practice but it’s actually damn simple once you know the flick.

The cold is processing normal! Turned from liquid to slimy and cough. Only color is missing if you know what I’m talking about.

Lectures tomorrow start at 10 AM if the professor for “Computer Graphics” is present.
I guess he can’t bunk all the lectures! Maybe the university didn’t forward the tuition fee so he’s not in the mood to give a lecture. Bet’s please!
Another last subject has it’s introductory lecture tomorrow: “Advanced Transform Methods”. Dunno what to expect at all! Guesses?
Tomorrow night I’ll fix the Modules I will take in this Semester! Anyways there’s only a choice between “Big Data Processing” and “Computer Graphics”.

My landloard flies out on Sunday. Anyone up for a big party? (I’m kidding)

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