Weeekend :)


Weekend is there!

I definitely remembered yesterday how important maths is. The name “Advanced Transform Methods” is basically a smoke screen for the term “Heavy Math”. Unfortunate this subject is compulsory. I guess I need to swallow the pill and hey a man grows with the task. So I shall beginn wiping of the dust of my math skills and accept the challenge.

The “Computer Graphics” professor startet in his introductory lecture with a lot of “ahm”, “uhm” and “ehm”‘s so that a student would think he will not cover his introduction until the end of the first semester. However as soon as he was becoming serious with the content of the subject his insecurity began to vanish and the lecture got a flow.

Decision between “Computer Graphics” and “Big Data Processing” has not gone easier. Maybe you can help. Please help me by choosing either brown or yellow from the picture.

I managed to finish the rotation task for the “Introduction to Computer Vision” Lab. However the black spots in the middle of the picture are still there. I’ll try some reverse rotation next week to fix that. (Currently I’m mapping the pixels of the source image in the destination image; Then I’ll try to map the pixels of the destination image in the source image. When the coordinate is within the boundaries of the source image I pick the color of that pixel and apply it to the pixel in the destination picture)

I discovered “Oxford Circus” on Friday night. Well there is plenty of bars, people and light. Even some clothing shops are open until 10 P.M.

Today I’ll checkout southall aka little India. Stay tuned!

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