Modules Chosen

Well there were quite a few things happening over the weekend.

On Friday night I was finally fixing my modules and chose “Computer Graphics” over “Big Data Processing”.

On Saturday I found an open air gym free for use in the Valentine’s Park approximately 11 minutes walk from my home. With my bicycle it’s probably only 5 minutes or less.
Talking about the cycle I have to state that the bike fixing attempt was more or less not successful. The bike fixers mentioned in the previous post were ill and so didn’t fix my bike. However I went to a bike shop not far from the market and tried to borrow some tools there. Well this guy understood his job very well and was telling me which parts he would replace to make this “baby” smooth. I didn’t listen to his sales skills, asked for a pump, inflated the tires and asked him to lift the saddle. Done! Rear break still not working but front break does work nicely. The police was tagging my bike so they can contact me when it’s found stolen – great service!.
Same day, Sunday, afternoon I met a friend to visit Canary wharf East London. This spot is probably more lifely in the evenings. It’s one of two of London’s biggest business districts with 105000 (wiki) workers coming to work there day by day. Coming out of the tube station the big and bold high risers are very impressing.

Yesterday I signed up for the gym on campus. I took the super off peak pass for 32 GBP for 3 months. Super off peak means that the gym is accessible from 7 AM to 10 AM in the morning during the week and full access on the weekend. Since I weren’t able to book a trainer session I used only cross trainer and ran approx 7 km in 30 minutes. This cardio equipment is amazing in the sense that every device has it’s own entertainment screen with news channels and mobile phone connection.

The teaching assistant in Computer Graphics Excercise class was reviewing points and vectors with us. Not very exhausting but necessary to assure everyone has the same base.

I finished the second “Computer Graphics” Lab Excercise in the evening. The task was to read a file. The file contains description of a graphical object like a pyramid. I was peaking in the next excercises because I wanted to know at which time we finally draw the objects to the screen. Probably another 2 weeks :/

And then there was this meeting between our four computer vision guys in drapers bar which is right there on the campus. There was Indie Night with 1.5 GBP per pint – such a bargain. Also available a self-service water pitcher at the bar. I keep checking out other bars but this one is ranked number one so far :)

My landlord and father left for the states! Beds are available ;) (just kidding)

This one cute girl who I really miss is cordially invited to join me on the Farmers Market and activities this week!!

Enjoy some shots:


Open Air Gym Cross Trainer


BBQ on the Farmers Market – Theres eggs on the sausage roll :)


My favourite – Studying in the green. Thank god there’s plenty of parks around in London!



Water Self-Service!


Yes the first Trimester is almost over – Christmas is coming with big steps


Farmers Market Wanstead!

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