New Bicycle

I bought a used bicycle yesterday. Well it’s not in best shape but it was a reliable partner for my 8 km journey from north London to Redbridge in East London. I might put a picture up on the weekend. Since there is some minor repairs to do (e.g. rear break) and maybe tiny puncture in both tires) I’ll check out the farmers market in Wanstead on Sunday because they do free bicycle checkup and repair:

Today again my favourite lecture took place: “Introduction to Computer Vision”. Today we have learned the fundamentals of it, namely Sampling, Quantizing, image representation with discrete values and basic transformations (e.g. translation, rotation, shearing etc.)
In the lab for this lecture I tried to figure out if clockwise or anticlockwise is the right way to rotate given a positive angle. Same with the skewing in X-direction: top line stays in place and bottom line skews or vice versa?
Next coursework will be a convolution filter. Let’s see how that goes!

Although I am quite sure that I’ll take “Computer Graphics” instead of “Big Data Processing” I was still taking part in the lab of the latter.
I was using local hadoop and had to do some processing on text:

  1. Count the occurence of each word
  2. Count the occurence of each word that is more than three times present
  3. Count the occurence of two consecutive words
  4. Count the occurence of each word length. How many words with the length X do exist?
  5. Sort the list of task four by word count ascending

Quite interesting but still I think I choose points and vectors in “Computer Graphics”.

Tonight was Puja Durga a Hindu Festival. I wasn’t missing out. Actually I went to one of the biggest Puja Durga celebrations in Europe: Camden Town Hall. My landlord was inviting me there because he’s back from Hungary. He gifted me a nice key ring from hungary – great gesture! It’s already part of my key bunch.

See you next days!


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