Short update

Let me change the system. One more entry with the activities in the last 5 to 6 weeks. I will try to give you short notes about what is coming up and what has happened starting from the next entry.

I was busy finishing hand written journals and submit them on time. In case of long practical description it was allowed to stick print outs in the journal. This reminded me to handicraft class in elementary school. Also it was necessary to complete practical assignments like writing C-Programs for a binary tree or Java Programs for a data mining application or installing Hadoop a FileSystem used for Facebook and Yahoo on a SingleNode.
Also I had to study for the second Unit tests.

When it comes to what I have done in Pune there was loads of activity. The most incredible was the Oktoberfest. There the crowd was entertained with traditional german songs and english party hits to which we were dancing on the benches. The almost german food was compulsory. Unfortunately they shut the event down at 10 PM. Still in party mood we were searching for a location to live that feeling. Unfortunately Alex was denied entry in all of our favourite locations because of his leather trouser: “We respect traditional clothes but we can not let you in”. Again hungry the search for something to eat after 11 PM ended up in ComeSum at the Railway Station from where we had bad tasting cheese sandwiches. HardRock Cafe, ABC Farm and anything else was closed by the time we reached.
Just a few weeks ago, there was a traditional fast held by people in Pune where the fast keepers were not allowed to eat any kind of meat. Just ¬†at that time Venky’s came as sponsor to a soccer match on the campus. Important to know is that Venky’s is a specialist for chicken specialities: chicken nuggets, chicken burger, chicken popcorn etc.. I did not hesitate to eat loads of chicken back then.

The police story has started again. I finally got an email to report to the international office on Date X two days before that date. Unfortunately the day before Date X was a holiday which is why I was not able to collect all documents needed for the proper continuation of the police story. Anyways this is about 2 weeks ago and it looks like the priority went from urgent to “if we can do it today, lets postpone it to tomorrow”.

This is it guys and gals. Please stay tuned I will give only short entries in future. As a sign of me being alive.

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