Namaste – Hello
Shuba ratri – Gute Nacht
rumal – tissue
paani – water
roshni – light
lunch/dinner – khana
papa, pitaji – father
ma – mother
bye – good bye
bhagwaan – god
jugaad – quickfix
see you again – Phir milenge
It was nice meeting you- aap se milkar bahut khushi hui
sleep like a baby/ have a tight sleep- ache se sona
How are you – aap kese hai
horse buggy – baggi
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten – ek, do, tin, car, panc, cha, sat, ath, nau, das
My name is simon – Mera naam Simon hai
You have really nice hair! – Aap ke baal acche hai!
Simon is mad. – Simon pagal hai
All the best – Mai tumhe shubkamnaye deta hun

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