First Week London

Hello altogether!!

I arrived last sunday in London!
First day was down due to heavy headache.

I don’t feel very nice in current accommodation which is why I search a new one.
So far 3 options visited and decided for one. Credit Check is due.

I’m so far temporary enrolled at the university because some documents were missing.
I hope to finalize enrolment this week.
University is big and up to date. Latest computers with Win8 and Touchscreen are running in the library.
Food stores availabel throughout the campus as well as a gym, copy shop and stationary shops. There’s also an old crematory. (Ha ha for those who study a little longer)
Fresher’s fare was amazing. Gave a good insight in the campus life, including sporting activities and societies. Maybe enrolling for the Fomula Student Society.

Didn’t get the chance to visit central London so far but had some good views of parks, including Mile End, in eastern London.

Today is free lunch with the other fresher of my faculty and some campus tours.

I’ll let you know about my progress in London here. Meanwhile please post some sightseeing suggestions in the comments :)


4 thoughts on “First Week London

  1. u haven’t explored London yet??? please check the Big ben , Buckingham Palace,
    london eye, British Museum,The london bridge!
    The London Underground is the oldest underground railway network in the world.

    and many more :) try to take those open air bus tours. Enjoy your stay in London ! :)

    • It’s always good to refresh old memories. I look forward to see those sights soon :)

      I can easily recognise that it is the oldest underground railway network in the world.

      The weekend is coming up. Please join me for those interesting sights!

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