Good Bye September

I don’t know how to express this. Wasn’t Great Britain supposed to be rainy? I actually don’t want to complain. Weather, be who you are, you are great the way you are!

Ever felt like a lazy Sunday? Last Sunday I just practiced that! Apart from that 2 hours walk in the late afternoon, I just hung around whole day.

My landlords father has arrived from Bangladesh and is cooking every night since his arrival. First night he cooked without chillies, then he started to spice food up a little the following days. It’ll take me some time to get used to the spices. Meanwhile I cool down my tongue with yoghurt! Apart from the spice factor the food is lovely and made from fresh ingredients – love it!

I need someone to help me with probability! It’s freaking me out. I never liked it. Anyone with a slogan on hand to promote this positively to my mind – please step forward!
All of the subjects seem to be very heavy on math and stats, here some examples

  • Machine Learning: Probability
  • Advanced Transform Methods: Fourier and others
  • Introduction in Computer Vision: Transformation Matrices
  • Computer Graphics: Matrices and Vectors

If you have noticed, I left “Big Data Processing”. That’s because I’m mostly taking “Computer Graphics”. By the end of this week the decision has to be made.

The task in the first “Computer Graphics” Lab was to write classes for 3D-Points and Vectors. Along with that different operations with those elements had to be formulated. Somewhat easy but I think the tasks will increase in time it will take to solve.

I’ll try to put some expense statistics at the end of each month so that you can see where the money goes:


The flat was definitely taking a lot but half of the amount is deposit and will be given back when I move out. This list of expenses is definitely a good help in planning expenses for the next months :)

Finally my travelcard has arrived. Now I can roam in Zones 2-4 without paying single rides. The price is 69,90 GBP per month. My university is in zone 2 and my home in zone 4 so thats where the main travel goes. If adding zone one (central london) the price would almost double to 125 GBP per month. I thought that I will be better off to pay single rides to the center – let’s see.

Have a good night folks!

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