Another Gym Session

Phew that one was very tough! Yesterday morning at 7:45 AM I was taking part in the spinning course at the gym. The instructor was full of power and motivation – almost literally beating our asses – faster faster, increase the gear etc. pp. All for a good reason. The ambiente has been very nice too: two disco lights and loud music :) I needed 500 gram yoghurt plus muesli to gain energy back afterwards.
I signed up for a trainer session next week to get an introduction to the weight lifting devices. Well actually its not the device that lifts the weight but that’s all I know so far :P

I was putting a polygon on the screen in Computer Graphics lab! Keep going, almost there :) Maybe another week or two and I’m done with my assignment :)

In Introduction to Computer Vision Lab today I’ve made very good progress. I managed to solve the problem with my edge detector Kernels: datatype clipping was the problem that kept me from detecting edges in an image. Now that I detect edges in images I just need to fill the report for that assignment. Next week I’ll calculate an image histogram. Let’s see how that will go.

An incredible thing happened today just before the lecture of Introduction of Computer Vision. My train got delayed because of “someones bag stuck between the doors” of a previous train. It got so much delayed that my 30 minutes buffer got all eaten up and I’ve been late for the class. Since the teacher doesn’t like late comers to disturb the lecture I waited in the cafeteria for the lecture break. It wasn’t such a big deal since the lecture was recorded and the topic was image filters only. However I’m not a late comer, at least not for the lectures!

Finally my room feels a little more home. I can now hang clothes in my wardrobe and hang currently used clothes on the hooks at the door. And the pictures of my holiday with my very best friend (who I definitely miss like a clownfish the anemone if absent) are hanging from the curtain rail!
The chair/table combination and fridge in the kitchen is still missing!

Again some clicks:


This radiator, as well as any other, is leaking!


Poor him, but soon Goldie will be born!


There it goes :) looks much nicer. Welcome to earth Goldie! And he can sing beautifully :)


The cloth hangers! It took a while to organize a rail in the right size but now its working fine :)


The door hangers! Fixed with power strips – 6 in total to hold a maximum of 6 kg. Let’s see if they can hold their promise!! Otherwise I just use screws.


There are my loved pictures of this years goa holiday :) If I would have I would hang more of my favourite Hannover and Europe holiday this year :)

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