Good Bye October!

Some update regarding the expenses in October:

It’s important to mention, that September has only been half a month. Taking this in account, I managed to reduce the “Eating Out” massively. I consider buying a sandwich for lunch or buying a drink at a bar as “Eating Out”. However, bringing my sandwich/lunch from home helped a lot reducing this amount. Considering the half month, my grocery shopping has almost not changed. For the month November I plan to increase the grocery shopping a little in order to reduce the “Eating Out” more. The “Misc” category rose dramatically because of some necessary hard to avoid expenses. I have my bicycle, some door hooks and a IEEE Membership as major expenses in this category. In the category mobile phone a dramatic drop was possible because I recharged quite a large amount for Skype in September, so it wasn’t necessary to recharge in October.  In September I had quite a lot single rides in the public transport sector, this was reduced with a travel card and only few single rides. The category sport covers the membership in the gym.

Comparison SeptOct SpendingsOctober

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