Happy Halloween!

Indeed this week there was a lot happening. Many nice but also some weird things.

First of all I skipped Gym now four times because of this ongoing cold. However, I feel that I can go tomorrow again.

My cute girlfriend isn’t here this year but I’m very confident that we two celebrate Halloween together next year. Here or in India. We can achieve this! Miss you heaps!!

This week we covered “Neuronal Networks” in Machine Learning. However “cover” is not the right word. Scratching the surface describes it better. I was a little disappointed when she was taking 25 minutes of the lecture to calculate the output of an AND/OR neuron and repeated the AND/OR in combination for the XOR. Well this all could have been done faster and especially not by forcing ppl to write the basic math on the board. The lab is kind of easy because it’s super guided but I’m not sure when it comes to judge the generated curve which was fitted in the data points. See the pictures!

Again I didn’t work on my computer graphics assignment because I’m kind of far ahead of the schedule and other assignments having deadlines. However the lecture was very interesting and explaining the virtual camera along with different projection types, like parallel and perspective projection. Next weeks lecture is cancelled!

There was no “Introduction to Computer Vision” lecture this week. The professor said, that he covered a lot of material especially everything needed for the assignment. So he’s giving us now four weeks to finish the assignment and covers then end of November the rest of the material. I submitted the assignment on Thursday afternoon. Let’s see how the assigned mark will be. I’ll let you know next week!

In “Advanced Transform Methods” we were discussing the Heisenberg Uncertainity. Don’t ask! I’ll need to adjust myself too.

U know there was Halloween this week. The postgraduate Halloween party in the GriffInn  Whitechaple on Thursday was more like a normal bar night with additional decoration and a few costumed people. This was probably because this was one day before Halloween. A night later I tried to go to the visage 80s bar around my home but I was denied to enter. The reason was “You gotta be here with people!”. That wasn’t so much fun, and little disappointed I went back home and slept. Still it was exciting because there were plenty of people with bloody costumes roaming in the streets in front of that bar. Just yesterday I have gone to another bar in Whitechapel with a study mate, he was inviting me for a drink. It was a nice night out after a long day in the lab!


Decoration in the GriffInn Whitechapel!!


Goldie with winter clothes!


Bread, Lettuce, Chicken, Orange, Cheese! Yum!!


no comment. I suddenly had the feeling to paint this on my lunch box over lunch.


Comparison of different learning values for the curve fitting algorithm.


Candy from the Build a Bear workshop. I struggled eating it. I guess it’s only kids who figure out in no time how this works.


Zero Error(cost) but still a crap curve!


Scary what!


Trick or treat! Well this is kinda both!


My new Table!


Memories! There was a restaurant called “Silver Spoon” in India close to the university :)


Black and Orange meet!

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