Diwalii in Little India

There wasn’t much non-study stuff apart from 2 evening walks with a fellow student and a low budget diwali celebration in little india.

On Thursday I was expecting crowds on the street of little India Southall, London. It wasn’t happening. Fireworks were continously present however spread around the whole area rather than focused on one main spot. I was having some indian dinner with two fellow students, watched the fireworks while walking up and down the main road. That’s about it!
I definitely miss my girlfriend every single minute  but on this occassion I missed her even more!! :/

In “Machine Learning” lecture this week “logistic regression” was covered. Instead of calculating a continous target value for an input value, logistic regression is more about asigning a class to an input value. There is only a discrete number of classes available for the assignment.

I didn’t continue with the “Computer Graphics” lab. I was more focusing on the lab of “Introduction to Computer Vision” since the report has to be submitted by Thursday in the coming week. I managed to finish histogram section programwise so only a couple of questions are left to answer for the report.

In the coming week two labs are starting: “Machine Learning” and “Advanced Transform Methods”. Not sure if I can master those because it requires the implementation of heavy maths. Let’s make it a surprise!

Friday I started with a headache and some throat pain. It’s not completely fine by now but better.

For now a good night!


Indian Butter Chicken





Some Indian sweets!


Only a jacket is missing. I designed the t-shirt myself :)

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