Viva Las Vegas! ! !

Time flies and another week inclusive weekend has passed!
Here is some news about the Las Vegas weekend getaway.

Haha you thought it starts here – It wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t start writing about the week before Las Vegas.
We didn’t end up in the whirlpool after the beachy day mentioned in the last post. But still the beach hangout was great. We saw a seal and also a whale very close to the beach. The weather was just incredible nice: Sun, no clouds and soft warm sand between the toes. Even the sea seemed to be warm enough for a short swim.
At evening in Oxnard it was almost drizzling. The wednesday BBQ was preponed to conclude this amazing week. There was a Tri-Tip roasted on the grill and also some pork ribs straight from the oven. To repeat myself: again very meaty but yummy.

Monday night was Clippers night. We went to the staples center to witness a Clippers Basketball match. On entry every guest got a red Clippers T-Shirt in XL one size fits all. In the entrance hall was the opportunity for a photo shooting with some cheerleading girls. Unfortunately the girls left when I was almost in front of the queue. The 4 quarters of the match were very exciting. Breaks between the quarters were filled with various spectator entertainment. A woman had to scoop dollar notes from one side to the other of the field in order to win them. A man had to throw baskets from various spots on the field to increase the amount of money to be won. A chinese artist was riding on a really high monocycle, balancing bowls on her foot tip and throwing them high up in the air in order to catch them with her head.
The last 10 seconds of the match were really really thrilling as Clippers and Memphis Grizzles had the same amount of points but Clippers had the ball. In the last 1/10 of a second the Clippers threw a basket and hence had the lead. But then the Grizzles had the ball to become equal with the Clippers within the last 1/10 second. Well they didn’t make it and Clippers won.

I organized a dinner get together at the Bandits Restaurant in Camarillo for the last intern of the previous batch on Tuesday night. She made clear that she enjoyed the time with the new interns. And I had almost tears in my eyes seeing her leaving. It was a nice evening though :-)

Wednesday and Thursday night have been defined as rest days before the big storm on the last weekend. Nevertheless I have been hanging out at the Surfers Point on Thursday to have a stroll along the beach coast. Unfortunately I also caught a cold on Thursday night which is quite a disadvantage if one is planning a pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

On Friday afternoon the trip to fabolous Las Vegas started. Our picnic dinner was held on the roadside without a table because we didn’t find a rest area at the Highway. The self made sandwiches were absolutely tasty!
When we reached Las Vegas we checked in our hotel, dressep up for the night and left for a stroll along the Vegas Strip. It was all so Vegas: bad looking guys were advertising escort services with small business cards, flashing lights on and between each corner and extravagance hotels/casinos wherever the eye is watching. Compared to February, the air outside was warm enough to roam in T-Shirt even at night time. The long day was concluded with a stopby at the Hooters Casino. I didn’t gamble but had a close look at the  Black Jack and Roulette Tables.
The Saturday was the day of the big Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel. We started the day with a breakfast feast at the Hooters Hotel: quantity instead of quality. It was already incognizable hot outside when we reached the Hard Rock Hotel. First of all we checked in the Pool Party as our Hard Rock Hotel Suite has not been ready for check-in at that time. The pool area was incredibly large. There were several pools and artificial beaches. The main area was a large pool with relax benches and beach chairs around it. Animator girls in bikinis with super soakers were a good alternative to a dip in the pool in order to escape the heat. A small building in the pool area had another small pool on top with glass floor to see the bar area in the ground area. Another small pool held a few black jack tables so that it was possible to sit on those chairs in the water and play a few rounds black jack. The dealers there were really nice and helped to choose the right black jack strategy. Our hotel suite was in the 5th floor of the Casino Tower and facing the pool area – hence it was possible to listen to the party beats when the window was opened. In order to absorb some cheap drinks the party was shifted to the hotel suite a few times. It was a really really good time!
The party beats were fading out at approximately 6:30 PM. So we all met in the hotel suite to order some pizza. After dinner, a colleague and I went again to the strip to watch the Bellagio Fountain. The attempt to go in the Body English Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel failed because we missed the time frame for free entrance: until midnight. Instead I was playing a few more rounds black jack. The total win of the day was 80 $ netto – richy!

We all were quite hangover on Sunday. Before breakfast I tried again my luck at one of the black jack tables but not much luck today: neither win nor loss.
I had a french toast with Crunch’n’crust and blackberries for breakfast – quite delicious!
Just on the way out of Las Vegas we stopped for a photo shooting together with the “Fabolous Las Vegas” sign.
In the desert on the way back home the temperature climbed up to 40 degrees in the dessert. The long ride was split up by an ice cream break and food break towards the end. The food was a Protein Style In&Out burger where the bun is replaced by crisp ice berg lettuce – very crisp and fresh!

Again you’ll be awaiting pictures as bonus for all the reading. Enough of the wait, enjoy them:

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Pic Dump San Francisco

Dear Friends of my Blog, I managed to upload some pictures of the weekend getaway to San Francisco – enjoy the pics!
Some more pictures are waiting along with a blog entry of the Clippers Playoff Match which I was watching in the Staples Center last night.

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Sunny San Francisco Weekend Vacation

Well time here in sunny California seems to pass even faster than anywhere else on this planet. To catch up with the time I try to summarize more and write less – already 1.5 weeks behind!

06.04.12 Hiking
Saturday a week and a half ago we had brilliant sunny weather. The perfect day for a hike. We picked the area in the hinterland of Malibu for our hike. Nice trail, nice company! To regain energy we had dinner at Neptnun’s Net: fried seafood sample platter. Awesome taste! Do I have to mention the splash into hot springs to finish off the day?

07.04.12 Santa Barbara Beach
Well we have been a hell lot busy recently. This is why we spent that day in Santa Barbara for a shopping afternoon and beach hangout. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is alway an indulgence. I think its not appropriate to complain as this was actually a brilliant day in April but the sandstorm on the beach was definitely something to complain about! Also I had two splinters in the toe after a stroll along the Santa Barbara main pier.

08.04.12 Shopping at Outlets, Panda Dinner
There is not much to say to this day. Again we went for shopping in the outlets. Finished off with actually nice Panda Dinner

09.04.12 Cinema – Olympus has fallen
Tuesday night was one more time movie night. We decided to watch this patriotic movie because it perfectly fit to our schedule. Just before I went to inline skate the oxnard shores – nice workout!

10.04.12 Surfing plus BBQ at a colleagues home
The schedule was already tight. I left work at 4, headed to a colleagues home, hooked up a surfboard and started surfing at Mondos Beach – pardon paddling. I struggled one more time to get in and out of the wet suit but the fun was all on my side in between.
We all met for a BBQ to celebrate this fabolous after work surf fun and lifestyle. Meat, veggies, lettuce – tasty! This summer shall never end!

11.04.12 Beach Volleyball, clip clap hairs are cut
Outa work, into inline skating boots, off to the beach volleyball court in front of Rudderroom bar. Sand in the feet, hands in the air, trying to not let the ball hit the ground. I think I leave this to other ppl, my back wrists were deep red after this work out.
Right after it was time for a summery hair cut! A colleagues room mate was so kind and helped me out – don’t you think 10 mm is so much better than the fringes I had before?
Furthermore a colleague showed us a typical American desert: Rice Crispy Treats. First butter and marshmallows are molten in a pot and stirred together. Once everything is molten Rice Crispy Breakfast cereals are added until it looks like the cereals are slightly coated in marshmallow sauce. Let it cool in the fridge until rigid! One more time: Tasty!

12.04.12 Drive to San Francisco, Gettogether
We reached our house in San Francisco at approximately 10 PM after 6.5 hours drive. The drive didn’t feel that long because we broke it up with fuel breaks and picnics.
Our house has 4 floors and one loft. Ground floor housed the garage, first floor held a bedroom and bath, second floor is kitchen and dining area with a large pull out couch, third floor is lounge and on top in the roof was another queen size bed in the loft. Interior is very stylish. All that for not much more money than living in a hostel over the weekend.
We sat together around the dining table to fade this day out.

13.04.12 Sightseeing San Francisco
I woke up in the middle of Mission District in our house. The smell of pancakes was in the air and the sun sneeked through the window. Isn’t that a perfect start in the day?!
Sightseeing started at the Market street. We headed towards China Town Gate. There was a lot of cheap chunk to see and nice food, such as chicken claws and dried seafood, on offer. Next part before lunch was the financial district with a very unique triangle shaped building. We made our way through to the Coit Tower but didn’t enter it. The view from above the hill is already pretty cool. Down to the Harbour Front for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Beefed up, the tour continued with a stroll along Pier 39 where we watched sea lions hanging out in the sun. We kept going along the harbor front towards Fishermans Wharf. The whole path was an indulgence for the eye.
We passed the manual cable car turnaround and headed towards Lombard Street which winds down a very steep hill. We were boarding the ancient cable car on top of that hill. Hanging on the outside of the cable car I was riding down to Market street – pretty much fun!
After a few minutes refreshment in our home we drove up the Twin Peaks to get a great view of the city. The view could not have been any better! We took the chance and drove below the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point to enjoy the sunset right behind the bridge – stunning!
One more time back home we prepared for a big night out. Self made Margarithas and Strawberry Smoothies to warm up and light up the party mood. Finally we went out and had a really really good time in Valencia street corner 16th. Best activity of the night was probably that all of us squeezed into a photo booth for some crowded pictures. Happy fun!


The second day started again with pancakes. Why would we be satisfied with any less?
We headed towards Golden Gate Bridge and this time we crossed it. Just after we headed left, up some serpentines for an extraposh view towards the red bridge, alcatraz and the skyline of San Francisco. We drove to another spot on the north side of the bridge to have the view from below and just afterwards to Sausalito disctrict. After a short stroll along the harbour with the expensive sailing boats we drove back to the city. The drive across the bridge was captured with a friends GoPro and ended with uncertainty about how to pay the toll. We found out that the toll has to be paid online. The afternoon was filled with lunch at Panera Soups and a short shopping stop at H&M Market Street. I bought to shirts before we started the long drive back home. Nice weekend, nice company, nice weather, nice food, nice sights and nice views!

This week started easy.
Monday I met a colleague to get a preview of the pictures taken on the weekend.
Tuesday was inline skating and whirlpool. I discovered a nice road east of Camaillo!
Wednesday was BBQ at a colleaugues place with TriTip Beef, fries and yummy salads. I have been responsible for the grilled chocolate banana as dessert. So tasty!
Thursday night was Beach Volleyball. This time the ball was much softer and the game play much smoother. I pretty much enjoyed being on the beach and doing some workout!
Friday was when I went to the beach after work to give me some break. We also met to bake cup cakes and chocolate chip cookies. The baking produce was eaten whilst watching Django the movie. Super actors, excellent dialogues! We also booked a suite for the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for next weekend, lets create some large foot steps.

Yesterday we have been to the Long Beach Grand Prix. It was a long sunny day on a city race course with different racing challenges. Highlight of the day was definitely the drift challenge at the end of the day!
At one race of the day many cars didn’t manage the turn in a 180 degree curve. The problem was probably some liquid on the course. Fun day, Fun pictures, Fun tan!
Food was provided along the course. I myself had some Philly Cheese Steak and  a Turkey Drum Stick. Both could have been tastier and with some cutlery first one could have been eaten easier. Very meaty this day.

Today is beachy day, hopefully we end up in the whirlpool when darkness replaces the sun.

Again you all wait for the pics? Its about 3 weekends of pics. Well for the moment I think its more important to enjoy the beach – sorry!

Sunshine City San Diego – Pictures

One more time picturess of my awesome adventures here in California.

Pay attention to the strawberry cheese, the nice boots of the groom and also the airplane just between the trees of the Balboa Park.
One question: don’t you think the corset dress of the waitresses in the Ultra Lounge Area 51 is too much show? It definitely is!
Look at me focusing with my eye through the viewfinder of my camera – what is wrong?

Enjoy! Laugh hard!

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Sunshine City San Diego

2 years ago when I already have been to California on my way back home from Australia I didn’t make it to San Diego. That time I was sure I really missed out on something. This thought back then has been confirmed last weekend. However the week before San Diego was busy too. Read what was going on in California!

On Tuesday night more than a week ago we went to the cinema to keep the tradition going. The movie pick of the night was Springbreakers. The title song of this movie comes from Skrillex and is called “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”. We made this song to our hymn. Apart from that I’d call this movie trash and the plot low.

Another tradition was kept with Wednesday nights BBQ. Nice salads, informative chats, yummy meat and scrumptious desert. What else should be there for a good BBQ?
I think you wouldn’t guess it. We have been sitting in the outside jacuzzi for approx 3.5 hours just after the BBQ. As the water was quite warm we had to cool down in the pool just next to the whirlpool several times. Beautiful evening!

Thursday’s duty was Standard Hotel to pick up my backpack at the hotel lobby. I left it there the week before – obviously on purpose. To make more out of this trip we decided to stop by the Griffith Observatory just before sunset. However again, due to heavy traffic, we didn’t make it in time. Thats why again there are only night shots. I won’t promise but next time I can try to be there in daylight.

Friday was the night when the San Diego weekend holiday started. The ride was longer than expected but we reached in time for dinner. I topped up the stomach with some Wendys Burger – not the typical food for San Diego. Then warm up for the night in our hotel which was the Double Tree located between Gaslamp quarter and Little Italy. The best thing about the hotel were the complimentary cookies each time stopping by at the reception – and yes I was stopping by many times!
The program for the night was dominated by a party in the Double Deuce Bar/Club. The mechanical Bull was definitely a highlight of that evening. I dunno what made me freak out that night but probably just a few shots too much water. I was in a very very good mood :-)

Saturday started with a Hangover breakfast at lunchtime in Dennys restaurant: Hash Brown, Steak Omelette and Maple Syrup Ham Shake. This heavy meal lasted the whole day. I spent the afternoon in the San Diego Zoo Safari. Best part of it was probably the cart ride between some animal enclosures. I saw some zebras, lions, gorillas, elephants, goats and less impressive animals like humans, children and babys. Funniest was probably the grandma who was spitting at their grandkids to cover them with refreshing water. It was necessary to give my body some relaxation after this sunny hot afternoon in the Balboa Park. Together we enjoyed the excessive noise of landing airplanes interrupted by annoying silence – It might have been the other way round. The picnic in the park included strawberry, spray cheese, crackers and a combination of strawberry and cheese. I call last one Strawberrycheese and would not recommend it to anyone.
Dinner was in an Italian restaurant on India Street. The interior was made like a small street in Italy and the pizza was very delicious.
The party night was heralded by another warm up in the hotel, this time not just in the hotel room but also in the hotels jacuzzi. This night we went to the Ultra Lounge Area 51. The waitresses were an indulgence for the eye, wearing silky green corset, mesh tights and hot pants. Apart from that the waitresses were really rude and didn’t respond in a friendly manner. Music was okay if there was a dance floor but there wasn’t. Hooka flavour was in the air. I tried hard not to freak out again and succeeded.

Another hangover had to be treated on Sunday morning. So I started the day in an Italian Cafe with a Salmon Sandwich. Followed by a stroll along the harbor in bright sunlight. Point Loma brought a panoramic view of the shore line of San Diego. Late afternoon was filled by a picnic on a beach in La Jolla. The air was warm enough to sit in swim clothes on the beach but the water of the pacific was just freezing cold. I couldn’t handle more than dipping my feet into water.
This was already the end of the sunny San Diego Holiday :/

This week started with delivery pizza in the jacuzzi at Monday night. Warm and cozy!

Tuesday we decided not to go to the cinema on a tradition but to utilize the evenings more spontaneous. Instead we went to play tennis and having a nice cooking get together. We created our own veggie pan with small amounts of meat. Strawberries and vanilla ice cream for dessert!

Yesterday night was BBQ night, again companied by scrumptious food and pan cake vanilla ice cream combination for dessert. In between main course and dinner I hung out in the jacuzzi again. Yeah!

Today night we wen’t surfing at Mondos Beach. I wouldn’t call it surfing at this point but it sounds so much cooler than paddling in the water. The sea was bearable with wet suit only, current was not too strong and waves were not too high. Clouds were hiding the sun most times but the total setting was very pretty though. Kind of hard to get rid of the wet suit after surfing. I took a mates help to climb out of the wet suit.

What happened at work? I added some more restrictions to prevent incomplete test parameter sets from transfer to the test bench. I also added some logger functionality to see which user updated, deleted, added records to the database. Its busy and always will be :)

Now you are up to date and again ready for all the fabolous pictures! Give me a break, I will provide you the shots soon!

Whale watching pictures

Finally the pics of the whale watching tour are online. Life here is just too nice to bother about uploading pictures :P

The next story will be up soon, just cruise by next time you surf the web ;-)

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2013-03-24 13.45.18.jpg
2013-03-24 14.02.21.jpg
2013-03-24 14.57.33.jpg
2013-03-24 15.42.20.jpg
Dolphine :-)
Fin Whale
Fin Whale
Fin Whale
playing dolphins
playing dolphins
playing dolphins
playing dolphins
playing dolphins
playing dolphins
playing dolphins
playing dolphins
gray whales
Gray whales
Gray whales
lazy seal