• Arrival in Mumbai: I already thought that Alex and the Taxi driver had been gone because our plane was 1 hour delayed – they had not
    Temperatur: hot? not that hot but dampy.
  • First trap: luggage service person at the airport. 5 € for the two guys who had carried our trolleys from the airport to the taxi – Anton paid
  • Freaky taxi ride to pune. We three mostly slept but when we looked out the window we just saw traffic chaos. The taxi driver stopped on the way and shouted us an Chai tee. And there are people, cars, two wheelers and everywhere.
  • Arrival at the International Office of Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT)
    Warm welcome with breakfast
    There was an introduction video and presentation about India and the university
    We also got some nice presents: a SIT backpack, a welcome brochure and a pencil case
    I was wondering why a taxi driver would wait in front of the International Office for about 2,5 hours. Actually he did and gave us then a lift to the university ground.
  • Introduction of the campus
    Moving in Hostel Block D, Room Nbr 108. I will give you more information about that below.
    The Mess-Facility offers simple food and is like a hub to meet people. It is just opposite to our Hostel Block.
    The Computer Science Building is a few meters (maybe 150 m) down hill. The path to the red building is still under construction as you can see on the picture below. Most of the rooms in this Building are ready to use but there are still work to do in others.

    We were told where we find the gym, the food court (better food than in mess facility but on own expense), the table tennis facility, the pool (on the other campus uphill), the soccer court and all the other sporting facilities.
    Last but not least we met the Director of the campus. Like other people we met today he just wants the best for his German exchange students. He welcomed us to his campus. The heads of the Computer Science branch introduced us to our time table and gave us information about the lectures and exams coming up. It looks like we have just one lecture this week and the other 4 subjects are starting next week because they are choosen from the 7th term. Furthermore we got introduced to our two buddys Mohit and Grishma.
  • The Hostel
    Our room is a spacious 3 dorm with a even more spacious wardrobe for each person, a desk for everyone and a seperate shower and toilet room.
    The rules are quite strict. The campus is locked at about 10:30 pm. If someone want to go out or come back after 10:30 pm he needs to fill out a form with a reason for the late arrival.
    The laundry will be done by on campus laundry facility no need to get oneselfs hands dirty. But still the laundry is not free and the own alternative to paying the fee is washing by hand.
  • Evening
    We went for a walk with our buddys and some of their friends. It is quite hard to remember so much names in one day. I hope they will not be angry if we ask again and again for their names.
    On this walk we also learned some Hindi words but not the right spelling of it. Here it comes:
    Namaste – Hello
    Shuba ratari – Good Night

I hope you enjoyed reading it. I will supply you with more information on my stay on the forthcoming days.