Good Bye September

I don’t know how to express this. Wasn’t Great Britain supposed to be rainy? I actually don’t want to complain. Weather, be who you are, you are great the way you are!

Ever felt like a lazy Sunday? Last Sunday I just practiced that! Apart from that 2 hours walk in the late afternoon, I just hung around whole day.

My landlords father has arrived from Bangladesh and is cooking every night since his arrival. First night he cooked without chillies, then he started to spice food up a little the following days. It’ll take me some time to get used to the spices. Meanwhile I cool down my tongue with yoghurt! Apart from the spice factor the food is lovely and made from fresh ingredients – love it!

I need someone to help me with probability! It’s freaking me out. I never liked it. Anyone with a slogan on hand to promote this positively to my mind – please step forward!
All of the subjects seem to be very heavy on math and stats, here some examples

  • Machine Learning: Probability
  • Advanced Transform Methods: Fourier and others
  • Introduction in Computer Vision: Transformation Matrices
  • Computer Graphics: Matrices and Vectors

If you have noticed, I left “Big Data Processing”. That’s because I’m mostly taking “Computer Graphics”. By the end of this week the decision has to be made.

The task in the first “Computer Graphics” Lab was to write classes for 3D-Points and Vectors. Along with that different operations with those elements had to be formulated. Somewhat easy but I think the tasks will increase in time it will take to solve.

I’ll try to put some expense statistics at the end of each month so that you can see where the money goes:


The flat was definitely taking a lot but half of the amount is deposit and will be given back when I move out. This list of expenses is definitely a good help in planning expenses for the next months :)

Finally my travelcard has arrived. Now I can roam in Zones 2-4 without paying single rides. The price is 69,90 GBP per month. My university is in zone 2 and my home in zone 4 so thats where the main travel goes. If adding zone one (central london) the price would almost double to 125 GBP per month. I thought that I will be better off to pay single rides to the center – let’s see.

Have a good night folks!

India, Little India

This Little India Part of London Is definitely on the other side of the  vast city. I had to use the central line through the center and another train 4 four stations -total of 1,25 hours ride.
What’s it like? Sarees and glitter in the shops windows, small food stalls along the roads and the divine smell  of Indian cuisine in the air. Woman with sarees walking as well as men with kurta. I’ll come back for diwali – the festival of lights!



Back in the city I had a look at the quarter notting hill which is famous for it’s Caribbean flair – failed.

I checked out some jackets in Primark:



I probably take the lower one once it gets colder!

Just one more pub at Liverpool street for tonight and then back home :-)

Weeekend :)


Weekend is there!

I definitely remembered yesterday how important maths is. The name “Advanced Transform Methods” is basically a smoke screen for the term “Heavy Math”. Unfortunate this subject is compulsory. I guess I need to swallow the pill and hey a man grows with the task. So I shall beginn wiping of the dust of my math skills and accept the challenge.

The “Computer Graphics” professor startet in his introductory lecture with a lot of “ahm”, “uhm” and “ehm”‘s so that a student would think he will not cover his introduction until the end of the first semester. However as soon as he was becoming serious with the content of the subject his insecurity began to vanish and the lecture got a flow.

Decision between “Computer Graphics” and “Big Data Processing” has not gone easier. Maybe you can help. Please help me by choosing either brown or yellow from the picture.

I managed to finish the rotation task for the “Introduction to Computer Vision” Lab. However the black spots in the middle of the picture are still there. I’ll try some reverse rotation next week to fix that. (Currently I’m mapping the pixels of the source image in the destination image; Then I’ll try to map the pixels of the destination image in the source image. When the coordinate is within the boundaries of the source image I pick the color of that pixel and apply it to the pixel in the destination picture)

I discovered “Oxford Circus” on Friday night. Well there is plenty of bars, people and light. Even some clothing shops are open until 10 P.M.

Today I’ll checkout southall aka little India. Stay tuned!

Good Night!

The lab-session in “Introduction in Computer Vision” was actually very cool. The task was to write an application in MatLab that creates an empty images and inserts my name in capitals and font-size 72 in that image. Furthermore the image should be rotated and horizantally skewed. MatLab provides functions for that which make the task quite simple. However we are supposed to implement those functions on our own. In good old student style I was happily hitting the keyboard without brainstorming before.
In one hand it was quite good because I was trying a lot of functionality of MatLab on the other hand I could have got to the solution quicker over thinking what will really be required and what not.
Conclusion: Working with matrices in MatLab needs a little practice but it’s actually damn simple once you know the flick.

The cold is processing normal! Turned from liquid to slimy and cough. Only color is missing if you know what I’m talking about.

Lectures tomorrow start at 10 AM if the professor for “Computer Graphics” is present.
I guess he can’t bunk all the lectures! Maybe the university didn’t forward the tuition fee so he’s not in the mood to give a lecture. Bet’s please!
Another last subject has it’s introductory lecture tomorrow: “Advanced Transform Methods”. Dunno what to expect at all! Guesses?
Tomorrow night I’ll fix the Modules I will take in this Semester! Anyways there’s only a choice between “Big Data Processing” and “Computer Graphics”.

My landloard flies out on Sunday. Anyone up for a big party? (I’m kidding)

First Lab

What has happened since Monday?

Computer Graphics Lecture Teacher on Monday has not showed up. So the first lecture is still due. It will hopefully be tomorrow!

Big Data processing was quite interesting. It’ll be about parallel data processing and Hadoop (The big data file system ya’know). In the lab sessions we’ll write some “Map” and “Reduce” functions. I’ll bore you later with more details of that.

Tuesday I spent in bed to gain back to health. My throat pain turned out to be a cold. It’s a pain in the ass! Literally!!

Wednesday I met a friend who came over from Germany. After Trafalgar Square, lunch, Tower and London Bridge I gave up and went to bed again. Still not 100% recovered!

The lecture “Introduction To Computer Vision” was amazing. The lecturer keeps the lecture interactive and explains the content with plenty of examples. Keep it up!!!
He’s the first to hold his lab this week. Actually the lab will be now! He promised this lecture will be challenging in the first 1.5 months however also very rewarding towards the end (because of seeing results of a self developed computer vision application)

My student 18+ oyster card application, the one for cheap public transport in London, has been accepted by the university. However I had to click another picture to get my application processed. Prior picture was not approved. The card should be there by end of next week!

My fridge and study table aren’t here yet and the bathroom still waits for refurbishment. Give it another week or two!

Stay tuned!!

City of London!

I arrived at the Tower Bridge after an inspiring walk from Westminster. When I reached the Bridge I ordered fish & chips and enjoyed them in the bridges shadow.

After crossing the bridge I’m sitting on a bench and soaking in the last of today’s sun rays. There’s a seat empty beside me – shouldn’t be! Missing someone :-\

Some clicks:






Welcome home!

Living in the house and having a room for me feels good.
The landlord gave me money to buy beed sheet and cover and duvet for the brand new bed in my room – awesome!

My landlord promised a couple of things for the next fortnight:
– bathroom touch up
– own fridge
– new trash can in the kitchen
– foldable chair and table for my room
– bar in the wardrobe to hang clothes

So then whats missing? Family and this one special friend of mine – I love you :*

Tomorrow I’m planning to hit the city center. Let’s see if the weather permits that!

Information about the course

The course is held in three trimesters. Although it’s still common to call them semesters here.

There is four subjects each in the first and second semester. Every subject gives 15 credits in total. Exams will be for all subjects at the end of semester 2 – most likely towards the end of May.
In the Computer Vision first semester only one subject can be chosen the other three are compulsory. The choice is between Big Data and Computer Graphics. Since both are interesting and both are not clashing in the timetable I was thinking of attending both and writing exam of the one which might be easier.
Half of the subjects for the second semester can also be chosen. However this can be done later on.

The third semester is for a project which is of 60 credits. The project can be industrial or non-industrial. Application for the industrial project will be around December.

Any questions?